VogueZone009 Women's PU HighHeels PointedToe PullOn Solid PumpsShoes Black 0escp6

VogueZone009 Women's PU High-Heels Pointed-Toe Pull-On Solid Pumps-Shoes Black 0escp6
  • upper material : PU; lining material: PU
  • heel measure: 3 5/16"
  • Outer Material: PU
  • Inner Material: PU
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Pull-On
  • Heel Height: 8.5 centimetres
VogueZone009 Women's PU High-Heels Pointed-Toe Pull-On Solid Pumps-Shoes Black 0escp6 VogueZone009 Women's PU High-Heels Pointed-Toe Pull-On Solid Pumps-Shoes Black 0escp6

The raw quality of the actors’ performance grabbed me with this show immediately from episode 1, and few shows can rival the chemistry clearly present between these characters.

The Black Tapes is an investigation of the paranormal. The team look into a number of demonic and ghostly occurrences which gradually appear to have some sort of chilling connection to each other.

The show’s “as real” documentary approach helped influence many other creators in recent years, as the “docudrama” became a subgenre in its own right.

It’s also very accessible for podcast listeners who had previously only consumed factual shows. The Black Tapes continues to pull countless new listeners into fiction podcasting, and has been great for the visibility of the medium as a whole.

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The Truth is a long-running anthology show that has mastered the intimacy of audio drama.

From an alternative history trip to the moon, to the death of Edgar Allen Poe, The Truth’s subject matter has always been truly eclectic.

The episode That’s Democracy is some of the finest audio drama ever made, and managed to do more in 13 minutes than what many films achieve in a couple of hours.

For a great self-contained audio-drama, check out Locke Key with a free trial on Audible US or Audible UK.

Over a few hours of completely spellbinding audio, you get the full story of a family, driven from their home in California back to their ancestral lands in Massachusetts. The move is forced by a tragic event, but leads the kids of the family to discover some amazing secrets about their family’s house.

You can get it for nothing if you sign up for a free Audible US trial. I loved it!

As I mentioned, this is purely my personal picks, and there’s a massive amount of shows I think are top quality that I’ve not listed here.

As for my own efforts, I am a creator as well as a fan, and I’m heavily involved in the science/space audio drama/documentary hybrid that we run here at The Podcast Host. It’s called SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Women’s Willow Ankle Strap Sandals Pink Candy Pink Suede fdplC

And I also run a horror/black comedy series called A Scottish Podcast . That’s an audio drama about a washed-up radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast.

Prefer the Pick’n’Mix approach where you just want to sit back and let someone choose a story for you? Then check out these long running podcasts.

Radio Drama Revival is aweekly showcase of stories post-golden age of radio drama from across the world.

Sonic Society “spreads stories through the theater of the mind” on a weekly basis. Formed in 2005, it is a true institution within the medium.

I’ve discovered loads of shows by listening to them for the past few years, and they continue to dig up works, new and old, to this day. If you’re churning through all your favourite fiction podcasts at an alarming rate, be sure to subscribe to these two and stay in the loop finding fresh stuff.

A founding principle that continues to drive Quality Mattersis the need for QM Standards to reflect current academic research on effective learning. The initial standards and subsequent modifications have been based on the insights of teams of experienced online instructors and instructional designers and on the best practices standards promulgated by accrediting bodies and national and international organizations. In addition, the QM Standards have been examined for consistency with the conclusions of the educational research literature regarding factors that increase learning and engagement and that improve learner retention rates.

QM Research is focused on curating and supporting research studies related to the impact and use of the Quality Matters model. Literature reviewsto inform members of the Rubric Committees in their effort to assure that the Rubrics remains current with the research are also an important component of QM Research activities. If you are looking for guidance on conducting QM-focused research or finding studies to support the use of QM, we recommend starting with the resources listed in this section.

qm research library

Search our curated selection of literature bearing a relationship to the QM Standards by either keyword or the QM Standard number. References on teaching competencies can be found in the Online Instructor and Teaching Competencies Literature Review

research toolkit

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on developing a research question that will make for a solid study and facilitate attaining information significant to online learning stakeholders.

qm-related research resources

See a curated list of studies and publications related to the primary categories ofQM Research.

Need help with your search? Contact QM Research with your questions.

Presented by QM Staff, Research Colleagues, and Guest Experts, includingBrenda Boyd, Barbra Burch, Dr. Yaping Gao, Wade Lee, Dr. Kay Shattuck, Dr. Bethany Simunich, and Dr. Whitney Zimmerman

The Sixth Edition of the QM Higher Education Rubric represents, in a very real sense, a fundamental outcome of the ongoing design-based research project at the core of Quality Matters. The work of the vast QM community, in putting educational theory and research into widely contextualized application, is at the heart of the validation process for QM’s quality Standards and tools. This webinar will provide an overview of the research conducted to assist with the Rubric update. It will include a presentation of the Rubric update process, the research included, the literature review process, and explanations of other important data collection and analysis.